Tommy Chong Has Prostate Cancer

"The cancer is the Stage 1 low-risk prostrate cancer that most men my age either have and don’t know it or know it and take the meds prescribed by their doctors. Cancer treatment is a huge business and a simple cure like what Rick Simpson did is way out there as far as the ‘establishment’ mindset goes. I expect to be totally cancer-free in a year.

"I’m going to videotape the different meetings and make a documentary of the journey to wellness," Chong says. "This is going to be fun.

(Source: celebstoner.com)

Medical Marijuana For The Treatment of Cancer | Multiple Myeloma

The mission of PBC.org is to bring the full spectrum of information to cancer survivors for better, longer lives.  The first lesson my personal cancer experience taught me that conventional oncology has difficulty with ANYTHING, any therapies, outside the narrow purview of “standard of care, ” “FDA approved” oncology.

(Source: multiplemyeloma.peoplebeatingcancer.org)

UCSF Study Finds Medical Marijuana Could Help Patients Reduce Pain with Opiates

A UCSF study suggests patients with chronic pain may experience greater relief if their doctors add cannabinoids – the main ingredient in cannabis or medical marijuana – to an opiates-only treatment. The findings, from a small-scale study, also suggest that a combined therapy could result in reduced opiate dosages


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