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Are you guys following our new #blog?!?! Make sure to check it out for contests, giveaways, mmj news and events, and special artist interviews! Www.ibudyou.wordpress.com !! #staylifted #ibudyou #wordpress #blog #iby #420 #mmj #news

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Did you hear the #bud #news? #marijuana is #life! Tell your #mom #dad #grandma #grandpa #uncles and #friends! #ibudyou #news #cannabis #marijuana #ganja #herb #420 #joint #israel #telavivuniversity #elderly #redorbit #budlove #thepersonalstash #potnews

The Five Scientific Conclusions About Cannabis The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To Know

1. Cannabis use is associated with lower mortality risk in patients with psychotic disorders.

2. The enactment of statewide medical marijuana laws is associated with fewer incidences of suicides.

3. The effects of cannabis smoke on the lungs are far less problematic than those associated with tobacco.

4. Cannabis use is associated with only marginal increases in traffic accident risk.

5. The schedule I classification of cannabis is a lie; the science says so.


(Source: alternet.org)

News Every Pothead Must Know

"The performance on lung tests improved steadily until marijuana smokers hit more than 10 joint-years. (Flash back to statistics class: One joint year is the equivalent of 365 joints or filled pipe bowls smoked—so smoking 10 joints a day for 36 days would be one joint-year.)

Even when they surpassed that amount, it took a good 20 to 30 joint years before lung performance dipped down to the level of non-smokers.”

(Source: news.menshealth.com)

Investigators concluded, “Our results provide evidence that the non-cannabimimetic constituent of marijuana, cannabidiol, exerts clinically relevant antipsychotic effects that are associated with marked tolerability and safety, when compared with current medications. … The results … potentially represent a completely new mechanism in the treatment of schizophrenia.”

A review of CBD’s safety profile in humans, published online in 2011 in the scientific journal Current Drug Safety, concluded that the cannabinoid is non-toxic, safe, and well tolerated in humans, even in high doses.

— Study Shows Cannabidiol Mitigates Psychotic Symptoms In Schizophrenics

(Source: theweedblog.com)

Marijuana traces found in early bronze-age grave
— "Pollen thought to come from a marijuana plant has been found in a grave in Gelderland dating back 4200 years"

(Source: cannabisni.com)

Marijuana, safer then peanuts!!

Marijuana, safer then peanuts!!

(Source: nancydelfuegoo)

Ohio medical marijuana possible for 2012 ballot

Your almost there Ohio, get those signatures in!…

Efforts to legalize medical marijuana in Ohio are moving ahead, with a group submitting signatures to Attorney General Mike DeWine's office.

Backers of the “Ohio Alternative Treatment Amendment” submitted 2,143 signatures summarizing the proposed amendment, which would allow those with qualifying illnesses to possess up to 3.5 ounces of marijuana, the news service reported. DeWine’s office must validate at least 1,000 of those signatures and certify that the summary language is a fair representation of the amendment.

Should summary language be approved, backers must then begin collecting at least 385,245 valid signatures to make it to next year’s ballot. Supporters say a win would open doors to medical treatment, while opponents worry it will create an enforcement problem.

State lawmakers in Indiana also are studying whether the state should decriminalize the use of marijuana or create a program that would allow people to use the drug to relieve pain.

(Source: bizjournals.com)

68,500 Marijuana Plants, Worth $205 Million, Found In California

Just when you think you’r having a bad day, know that someone out there has it waaaaaaaaay worse. 

The news first broke late last week and now the Ventura County (Calif.) Sheriff’s Department has made more information about the bust public.

On the north slope of Pine Mountain in the Los Padres National Forest, investigators discovered nearly 68,500 marijuana plants — the “single largest cultivation” ever found in the county. Estimated street value of the pot: $205,464,000, according to the sheriff’s department.

It was a big operation, authorities say:


"After being airlifted to various sites on the mountain, investigators discovered several campsites used by the growers. These consisted of several hundred pounds of equipment including tents, propane stoves, sleeping bags, fertilizers, pesticides, along with and an enormous amount of trash. Detectives located a 9mm handgun, a .22 caliber rifle and ammunition for a variety of other handguns and rifles. There was evidence of poaching as the remains of deer and other small animals were located near the camps.

"Several water reservoirs, lined with plastic tarps, were found dug into the terrain. These reservoirs were supplied by water diverted from their natural course. Gravity fed irrigation lines led to the cultivation locations. Several thousand feet of irrigation hose was spread throughout the hillside to provide water to the plants.

"Huge sections of land had been terraced and the underbrush removed, leaving only a thin canopy to hide the growing marijuana. Bags of fertilizer, pesticides and poisons were found within each of the cultivation areas."

What they didn’t find, were the growers. “No suspects have been arrested at this time, however, the investigation is continuing,” the sheriff’s department adds.

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