#cannabiscures! everything from a #headache to #cancer. #ItsNatural and brings out the #budlove in all. Give some #love today. #HappyMonday #iby by @grand_toker “#grandtoker Honestly though I love being a part of #potheadsociety I love smoking #weed I #love every aspect of #cannabis #marijuana #pot #highsociety #weedsociety #bluntculture #jointculture #wfayo #w420 #cannabiscommunity #dailycannabis #rawlife #wakenbake #ca215 #bettermedicine #safermedicine #supermeds” via @InstaReposts View high resolution

#cannabiscures! everything from a #headache to #cancer. #ItsNatural and brings out the #budlove in all. Give some #love today. #HappyMonday #iby by @grand_toker “#grandtoker Honestly though I love being a part of #potheadsociety I love smoking #weed I #love every aspect of #cannabis #marijuana #pot #highsociety #weedsociety #bluntculture #jointculture #wfayo #w420 #cannabiscommunity #dailycannabis #rawlife #wakenbake #ca215 #bettermedicine #safermedicine #supermeds” via @InstaReposts

Gary Johnson: Both Candidates will Give You A Greater Police State (by TheAlexJonesChannel)

InfoWars | September 25, 2012
"Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson has filed a lawsuit to win a spot in the presidential debates that start in Denver on Oct. 3."

10 Major Health Benefits of Marijuana

1. Cancer

There is a lot of unfounded rhetoric that states smoking pot can cause lung cancer because your inhaling smoke, like cigarettes. This simply isn’t true. Cigarette smoke causes cancer because the tobacco is radiated whereas marijuana isn’t. In fact, the American Association for Cancer Research has found the marijuana actually works to slow down tumor growth in the lungs, breasts, and brain considerably.

(Source: coedmagazine.com)

Tommy Chong Has Prostate Cancer

"The cancer is the Stage 1 low-risk prostrate cancer that most men my age either have and don’t know it or know it and take the meds prescribed by their doctors. Cancer treatment is a huge business and a simple cure like what Rick Simpson did is way out there as far as the ‘establishment’ mindset goes. I expect to be totally cancer-free in a year.

"I’m going to videotape the different meetings and make a documentary of the journey to wellness," Chong says. "This is going to be fun.

(Source: celebstoner.com)

The relationship between Marijuana and cancer has always been up for debate, but with the use of a specially crafted oil made from the buds of the Cannabis Sativa plant, scientists confirmed that the plant’s primary psychoactive chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) destroys any and all malignant cancer cell growths in several patients.
Marijuana Found To Kill Cancer Cells - The Marijuana and Cancer Relationship

(Source: naturalsociety.com)

Cannabis Cures Tumors!

“A tumor is a mass of swollen tissue. Researchers at the Medical College of Virginia discovered that cannabis is an incredibly successful herb for reducing many types of tumors, both benign and malignant (cancerous). The DEA and other federal agencies had ordered these tumor studies done after hearing erroneous reports of possible immunological problems associated with cannabis smoke. But, in 1975, instead of health problems, an apparent medical breakthrough occurred and successful tumor reductions were recorded!”

(Source: jackherer.com)

Proven Fact: Cannabis Cures Cancer

Rick Simpson is a Canadian citizen who rediscovered what doctors a century ago knew, or at least suspected, that Cannabis can cure much of what ails you. Simpson has cured cancers on numerous times using oil derived from the whole cannabis plant, not just the seeds. Seeds are quite nutritious and good for you, but the full medicinal value only comes from the fully developed female plant.”

See Run From The Cure at Cannabis Revival film festival next week!

(Source: thurmanhubbard.com)

Cannabis may offer the best medicinal pain relief yet

Early studies demonstrate that cannabis is hugely effective in treating neuropathic pain. The cannabinoids allow nerve cells to reverse the communication path. Cells sending trauma notifications to the main trunk would normally continue doing so until the stimuli was resolved. From a practical standpoint, it is difficult to eliminate pain the moment it is recognized, but from a human level, once the person is cognizant of the problem, there is no benefit to remaining in pain. Cannabis simply tells the alarmed cell that authorities have been notified and that the problem will be resolved shortly. It doesn’t, as is popularly believed, relieve pain by making cells “stoned” or unfocused so as to disrupt communication.

(Source: naturalnews.com)

Juicing cannabis miraculously saves lives after physicians declare the battle lost

Raw Food Health compiles a great article of facts and evidence of the healing properties of raw Cannabis!

“A typical first reaction is to associate marijuana consumption with its psychoactive effects. However, THC only becomes psychoactive when heated, like when traditionally smoked or cooked. When used raw, cannabis isn’t psychoactive.”

(Source: naturalnews.com)

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