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Take a toke, fly away! Happy Sunday!

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Suthers on CNN: feds won’t be interested in low-level marijuana possession

"Colorado Attorney General John Suthers said Thursday morning on CNN that individuals who smoke marijuana and own marijuana plants likely won’t be bothered by the federal government, even though marijuana possession is still illegal under federal law.

The newly-passed Amendment 64, approved on Tuesday by Colorado voters, will allow Coloradans over 21 to possess up to an ounce of pot at a time and grow up to six marijuana plants. The amendment also allows retail marijuana stores to open in January 2014 after the state Legislature establishes regulations for the industry.

That’s what the federal government will be keeping an eye on, Suthers said.”

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Don’t forget about Michigan! Bud Love from @bored_eagle “New sticker #ibudyou #michigan” Dope! View high resolution

Don’t forget about Michigan! Bud Love from @bored_eagle “New sticker #ibudyou #michigan” Dope!

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Hey hey, get out of that haaaze and step into Mondaaze and read about recent marijuana news, cannabis current events, and the strain Platinum OG Bubba Kush!

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