Colorados Weed Holy War

We need more good people like Rev. Bill Kirton speaking out about marijuana prohibition and how it ruins lives…

The Huffington Post | Rev. Bill Kirton of Denver’s United Methodist church, cited morality as a reason for why he’s for marijuana legalization, but for Kirton the immorality is not in the usage of the drug, rather it is in the way we treat people who are busted for marijuana. Kirton said in a statement:

"How we punish people and what we punish them for are central moral questions. If a punishment policy fails to meet its objectives and causes harms to humans, I believe we have a moral obligation to support change. Our laws punishing marijuana use have caused more harm than good to our society and that is why I am supporting replacing marijuana prohibition with a system of strict regulation with sensible safeguards.

As we seek to teach compassion and love, it seems inconsistent to support, in cases of private personal adult marijuana possession, the use of police, guns, and courts. The faith community, parents, peers, and educators are the appropriate institutions in society to address this kind of personal behavior.”

(Source: The Huffington Post)

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