Scarface - Mary Jane

♫ When the world starts to stress you out, what you do?
Put a cancer stick up in your mouth or grab a brew?
Sold in stores but the fact remains is, they the blame,
And the government’s been taxin’ that, gettin’ paid.
If it’s taxable it’s co

ol to smoke—kill or not.
And the alcohol is killin’ folks—true or not.

Other people try to make you bad,
but I know you not.
When my situation’s lookin’ sad,
I know I got a true friend in my time of need—all I need.
You’re natural, you come from seeds—I decree.

Makes me happy when I’m feelin’ pain.
Once again makes me happy just to hear your name.
Do your thang MaryJane ♫

(Source: youtube.com)

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